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Reseller Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a reseller?
You become a reseller by signing up for the Main Reseller Package. It is that simple! This package comes with a GUI Master Control Panel that allows you to manage your own domain as easily as anyone else. But it also allows you to add new domains for your clients by filling out an online form. Once you submit the form, our automated system sets up your client's new domain within 10 minutes. You can also add your own name servers

2. How does billing work?

As a reseller, you are charged 50% of the current monthly price of the domain packages which are available for resale: Economy, Standard, Enhanced and Premium. The Personal and the Main Reseller Packages are not available for resale. All resold accounts appear to Benchmark as additional domains within your main reseller domain account. When you set up a client domain (and each month afterward), your main reseller account is billed automatically. You are responsible for billing your clients. This allows you to determine your own independent pricing structure for domains.

3. Will benchmarkhosting handle billing or support for my clients?

As a reseller, you are responsible for providing your own billing and support for your clients. We make it as easy for you as we can by providing support documents which you can use in your own client support center. Support for resellers is available by email at

4. Can I use the benchmarkhosting support documents and/or Acceptable Use Policy statement for my clients?

We encourage you to use both! Post your Acceptable Use Policy in a highly visible place on your site. This is required in the Reseller Agreement. You can use our support documents also. Generic support documents are available for your use as is; or you can copy them to your site and add your name to them. However, if you leave benchmarkhosting, you are of course no longer permitted to use any materials created by us, including support documents, policy statements, privacy statements or graphics.

5. How do I manage my client accounts?

You can manage your client accounts by using the control panel for your domain.

6. Do I have to sign a contract for any specific amount of time?

 You can cancel at any time, subject to the conditions in the general Acceptable Use Policy and the Reseller Agreement.

7. How do I get my own nameservers? What is the  additional cost?

You can add your own virtual nameservers through your control panel(, You are responsible for registering your nameservers through the registrar you used to register your domain. The additional charge for adding your own virtual nameservers is $10.00 per month per pair of nameservers.

8. What forms of payment do you accept from resellers?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). See paragraphs 2 and 3 for an explanation of billing.

9. Does the benchmarkhosting 30-day money back guarantee apply to my client accounts? That is, can I offer a 30 day guarantee and receive the same guarantee from benchmarkhosting if my client cancels?

We encourage you to offer your clients a 30-day guarantee. Our guarantee is good for any account you order from whether for your own use or for re-sale.

10. Anything else I should know?

Be sure to read our Acceptable Use Policy statement and the Reseller Agreement. As a reseller, you are responsible for ensuring that your clients abide by the policies and conditions stated in these documents. Benchmarkhosting reserves the right to terminate any resold account or reseller for violation of these policies and conditions.

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