Submit Site to Search Engines

Submit Site to Search Engines Overview


The Submit Site to Search Engines option is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly list your web site on some of the most popular web search indexes.  These web search indexes include:


·         Infoseek

·         Webcrawler

·         Alta Vista

·         Lycos

·         Excite

·         Hot Bot

·         Infoseek Ultra

·         Yahoo!

·         Netfind

·         Magellan

·         What You Seek

·         Infospace

·         New Riders Yellow Pages


This is an effective way of ensuring that the site you create gets optimal audience and web traffic.


While you can submit your site to search engines without the aid of this option, it can be a very time consuming process.  The Submit Site to Search Engines option makes the process a quick and easy one.




How To Submit You Site to Search Engines:


1.             From the Control Panel, select the Submit Sites to Search Engines icon.  The Search Engine Submission tool displays.



2.             Fill out the information in the form on the top left frame, beginning with URL, Title of your site and E-mail Address.  All fields in this form must be completed.



3.             When you complete all the fields, click on the Spool URL button to continue.  The top left frame displays two buttons.



            The bottom button reads Submit TO Search Engine (in this example, Infoseek).


4.             If you wish to submit your site to the search engine named on the button, select the button.  That search engine’s submit site page displays in the in the bottom left frame.



5.             Follow the instructions listed on the search engine’s submit site page.




·         Some search engines do not always accept submissions.  Usually, this is a temporary situation.  You may need to skip the search engine in error and go onto the next one.


6.             When you have completed the requirements described on the search engine’s submit page, click on the Go To Next Form button in the top left frame.  You may also use this button if you would like to skip a particular search engine.  A new site is listed on the Submit to Search Engine button.



7.             Repeat this procedure until you have exhausted the list of all the search engines.