Network Trouble Shooter

Network Trouble Shooter Overview


The Network Trouble Shooter option provides you with access to a common network tracing utility named Traceroute.  Traceroute does exactly what its name implies, tracing the route of data from your domain to the server you specify.  The results of performing a Traceroute show you every server your packets of information are going to in order to connect to that server.  The results can indicate if any of the servers along the way are causing connection problems by timing out or by slowing down the data flow.  This is a good tool to use to help determine if a slow or downed connection is a problem on your server or someone else’s server.



How To Use the Network Trouble Shooter:


1.             From the Control Panel, select the Network Trouble Shooter Option.  The Traceroute Manager displays.



2.             Directions for using Traceroute Manager appear on the screen.  They are also summarized here.




3.             To trace the connection from your web site to the place from which you are connecting, click on the From your domain to your IP number button.  The results appear near the bottom of the Traceroute Manager screen.

Traceroute results



4.             To trace the connection from your website to any other location on the internet, type the name (or IP address) into the Server Name field, then select the Trace Route button.  The results display near the bottom of the Traceroute Manager screen.

Traceroute results