Billing History

Billing History Overview


The Billing History Option allows you to view your entire billing history and account balance for your account.



How To View Your Billing History:


1.             From the Control Panel, select the Billing History icon. The Billing History page displays.



2.             The table below describes various data fields that are displayed here.


3.             To return to the Control Panel, select the Control Panel link located in the right corner of the upper frame.






        The Balance field above the table indicates your actual, current balance. If you owe money, the figure will be negative. If you have money credited to you, the figure will be positive.

        The other Balance field, which appears within table may, but does not necessarily, reflect the negative or positive aspect of the balance.





Reference number for use by


The domain(s) under the account.


The package that applies to the domain. This is the package of options you bought from


The type of account.


The transaction date for the items listed on the account. These items can be the initial account setup, the addition or removal of packages, etc.


Special notes regarding the account.

Start Date

The date the domain account was activated.

Unit Price

The rate you pay for the account.


The amount of time your contract with lasts or until the contract expires.


Any discount rates you receive show here. Note: the rate displayed may be confusing. A discount rate of .9 is a 10% discount. (I.e., you pay 90% of the regular rate.)


Any credits (e.g., advanced payment) that can be applied to your account.


Any debits (e.g., late payment) that affect your account.


Total balance considering discounts, credits and debits for your account.